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Disrupting Disinformation w. Chris Kremidas Courtney

Disrupting Disinformation w. Chris Kremidas Courtney

How will the metaverse supercharge disinformation? How does immersion interplay with emotion? Can nation states disperse the metaverse? What digital rights should we fight for? All this and much more.

Explore the new frontiers of disinformation and disruption with futurist and policy expert Chris Kremidas Courtney. We discuss the threat of surveillance in the metaverse and how new metaverse technologies could supercharge disinformation, the fight for digital rights, how emotion overrides reason within immersive experience, the role of nation-states in this new space, how policymakers can get ahead of the private sector in defining norms for emergent technologies, the divergence of metaverses due to geopolitical competition, the politics of platform governance and many more topics.

Chris Kremidas Courtney is a Senior Fellow, Peace, Security and Defense for Friends of Europe in Brussels and lecturer for the Institute for Security Governance in Monterey, California, Advisor for Governance and Societal Resilience< Extended Reality Safety Initiative (XRSI), San Francisco.

Chris is a globally recognized thought leader, futurist, and policy influencer on addressing malign influence campaigns, defending democracy, and societal resilience. They lead efforts to develop policy approaches to protect and support democracy, equality, and the rule of law in a fast-changing world.

You can follow Chris on LinkedIn or on Twitter @CKremidasCourt or check out the Extended Reality Safety Initiative’s Metaverse Safety Week, or Ready Hacker One.

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