May 8, 2021 • 56M

Policy People Podcast: Exploring Environmental Security with Dimitrios Kantemnidis

What is environmental security? Why does it matter? Does climate change cause conflict? Is the environment the same as nature? What threatens the Eastern Mediterranean? All these and more.

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Dimitrios Kantemnidis

Welcome to the Policy People Podcast. In this conversation, I explore the world of environmental security with Dimitrios Kantemnidis. We explore emerging maritime threats in the Mediterranean sea, how naval officers may deescalate standoffs at sea, the implications and real world scope of environmental security, how climate change amplifies conflicts, the difference between nature and the environment, the culture gap between the environmental and security policy communities, Dimitrios’ vision for an integrated European environmental security policy, and many more topics.

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Dimitrios Kantemnidis currently serves as lieutenant commander in the Greek navy and is an expert on environmental security. He is also a Fellow at the European Security and Defense College where he is concluding his research for his PhD thesis on how environmental security relates the EU’s Common Security and Defense and Security Policy. Dimitrios has produced numerous academic publications and has a forthcoming article to be published by the Brussels-based think tank Friends of Europe titled, “Environmental security and the EU’s Strategic Compass: Realizing Solana’s Vision”. You can connect with Dimitrios on LinkedIn or follow him on Twitter at the handle @dkantemnidis.