Policy People Podcast: India the Influencer with Mohamed Zeeshan

What holds India back from becoming a superpower? Are India and China natural enemies? What is the future of Indian democracy? What can Indian power offer the world? All these and a whole lot more.


Welcome to the Policy People Podcast. In this episode I explore India’s quest to become a superpower with Mohamed Zeeshan, author of Flying Blind: India’s Quest for Global Leadership’. We discuss what drives India to become a superpower and what the world stands to gain from India’s rise, we also go into India’s unique place within South Asia, it’s complex relations with China and the US, New Delhi’s influence at the UN, the county’s model of development, the state of Indian democracy today and other topics. 

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Mohamed Zeeshan is a foreign affairs columnist and author of Flying Blind: India’s Quest for Global Leadership’. He is a staff writer for The Diplomat and Editor-in-Chief of Freedom Gazette, an acclaimed policy advocacy site based in India. He has also worked with global consulting firms, advised governments in the Middle East on economic reform and served with the Indian delegation to the United Nations in New York. You can follow him on Twitter @ZeeMohamed_ or connect with him on LinkedIn.

Check out Mohamed’s book on Amazon: https://linktr.ee/FlyingBlind

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