Policy People Podcast: Transforming Indian Policy with Prateek Kanwal

How is public policy taught? What's behind India’s policy brain drain? Can gender gaps in schools be closed? Why is a Master of Public Policy the ‘new MBA'? How does policy scale? All these and more.


Welcome to the Policy People Podcast. In this conversation I explore how new education solutions are transforming India’s policy ecosystem with Prateek Kanwal. We discuss the hype around policy careers in India, the merits of MPPs over MBAs, the gaps in the country’s think tank ecosystem, the barriers to girl’s schooling and women’s education, solutions to India’s policy brain drain, how to scale the social impact of policy and many more topics.   

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Prateek Kanwal is the Co-Founder of the Kautilya School of Public Policy. He is a World Bank Scholar and did his Master in Public Policy (MPP) at Harvard Kennedy School. He is currently the Head of Strategic Partnerships at Educate Girls – a non-profit organization that aims at tackling issues at the root cause of gender inequality in India’s education system. He is also the Founder of Citizens for Public Leadership – a non-profit working towards engaging Indian Youth with matters related to public policy. Prateek is an international speaker and is invited frequently to deliver keynotes and join panel discussions on social sector reforms. You can find out more about the policy school by visiting kautilya.org.in or by following the school’s Twitter account at the handle @Kautilyaspp. You can also reach out to Prateek on LinkedIn or on Twitter, where his handle is @prateekkanwal