May 2, 2021 • 49M

Policy People Podcast: Universal Leadership with Nikola Ilic

What is universal leadership? How does action-based learning work? How does power change people? Why is tribalism so effective? How do identities form? What moral risk is in training? These and more.

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Nikola Ilic

Welcome to the Policy People Podcast. In this conversation, I dive into the digital disruption of leadership training with Nikola Ilic. We discuss how he got addicted to activism as a young rebel in Yugoslavia, his vision to make leadership training universally accessible, how power changes people, the moral risks of public persuasion training, the tensions between chosen identities and tribalism, tribalism as a political tool, and many more topics.

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Nikola Ilic is the Co-Founder and CEO of Change Lab, a consultancy that plans to deliver leadership development and coaching at scale to millions around the world. He is also a Co-Founder of Serbia on the Move - a grassroots, citizen engagement NGO based in Serbia. Formerly, Nikola was an International Development Consultant and the World Bank Group and a teaching fellow at Harvard Kennedy School, where he taught the course ‘Organizing: People, Power, Change’. You can discover his consultancy and its work at You can also connect with Nikola on LinkedIn, follow him on Twitter at the handle @NikolaIlic7 or on Clubhouse at @nikolailic7.